Rain or Shine vs. San Mig Coffee Game 1 Live Blog, Updates, Scores - PH Cup Finals 2014

Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, having a twice-to-beat advantage, dispatched the Global Port Batang Pier in the quarterfinals. The Painters finished off the Petron Blaze Boosters in the semifinals 4-1. The San Mig Coffee eliminated the Talk n Text Tropang Texters in the quarterfinals. It took them a full seven games, but the Mixers managed to outlast the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel in the semifinals.

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The PBA Philippine Cup Finals has arrived. The Rain or Shine is set to face San Mig Coffee in a best-of-seven series.

Game 1 Info:

Rain or Shine Elasto Painters vs. San Mig Super Coffee Mixers
Smart-Araneta Coliseum
Cubao, Quezon City
8:00 p.m.
February 14, 2014

Best Player of the Game 1: Paul Lee



SAN MIG 82-80 RAIN OR SHINE - 0.9 seconds remaining, 4th Quarter
What a nice pass from Gabe Norwood and a nice alley-opp shot by Paul Lee. Nice play Rain or Shine. PBA Astig!

SAN MIG 80-80 RAIN OR SHINE - 1.6 seconds remaining, 4th Quarter
Barroca throws an airball; Rain or Shine calls timeout.

SAN MIG 80-80 RAIN OR SHINE - 8.7 seconds remaining, 4th Quarter
Still tied game. SMC, Tim Cone calls another timeout.

SAN MIG 80-80 RAIN OR SHINE - 22.5 seconds remaining, 4th Quarter
Cruz tied the game with his jump hook.

SAN MIG 80-78 RAIN OR SHINE - 34.7 seconds remaining, 4th Quarter
Yap back-to-back baskets give San Mig a two point lead.

SAN MIG 76-78 RAIN OR SHINE - 1:50 remaining, 4th Quarter
San Mig still down by two.

SAN MIG 76-78 RAIN OR SHINE - 2:38 remaining, 4th Quarter
Chan hits back to back three pointers.

SAN MIG 76-70 RAIN OR SHINE - 4:30 remaining, 4th Quarter
Mallari extend the lead to six points.

SAN MIG 72-69 RAIN OR SHINE - 5:45 remaining, 4th Quarter
Simon scores to give San Mig a 3 point lead.

SAN MIG 70-69 RAIN OR SHINE - 6:20 remaining, 4th Quarter
Two points from Mallari.

SAN MIG 67-67 RAIN OR SHINE - 7:02 remaining, 4th Quarter
Putback from Nuyles; Pingris to Reavis for easy 2 points.

SAN MIG 65-65 RAIN OR SHINE - 7:56 remaining, 4th Quarter
Hand to hand combat between Rodriguez and Pingris.

SAN MIG 65-65 RAIN OR SHINE - 9:10 remaining, 4th Quarter
Barroca used the glass; game tied under 10 minutes.

SAN MIG 61-62 RAIN OR SHINE - 4th Quarter
Melton knocks down a jumper; Cruz quickly answers.


SAN MIG 59-60 RAIN OR SHINE - End of 3rd Quarter
Barroca beats the 3rd quarter buzzer.

SAN MIG 55-60 RAIN OR SHINE - 38.6 seconds remaining, 3rd Quarter
Devance scores putback, but Arana quickly answers.

SAN MIG 53-58 RAIN OR SHINE - 1:27 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Excellent pass from Chan to Cruz easy basket.

SAN MIG 51-52 RAIN OR SHINE - 3:06 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Devance scores in the post with a tear drop shot.

SAN MIG 48-52 RAIN OR SHINE - 4:30 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Jeff Chan with a pull up jumper.

SAN MIG 48-48 RAIN OR SHINE - 5:08 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Tied ball game courtesy of Devance on the break.
SAN MIG 46-48 RAIN OR SHINE - 6:02 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Pingris 1-of-2 from FT.

SAN MIG 45-48 RAIN OR SHINE - 6:45 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Belga scores off the glass.

SAN MIG 45-46 RAIN OR SHINE - 7:14 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Norwood slam dunk. Great pass from Lee.

SAN MIG 45-44 RAIN OR SHINE - 7:56 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Pingris converts two free throws.

SAN MIG 39-42 RAIN OR SHINE - 9:09 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Paul Lee shoots from beyond the arc.

SAN MIG 39-39 RAIN OR SHINE - 11:05 remaining, 3rd Quarter
Layup by Almazan and Yap. Tied ball game.


SAN MIG 37-37 RAIN OR SHINE - End of 2nd Quarter
Pingris tied the game with a layup at the halftime buzzer.

SAN MIG 33-35 RAIN OR SHINE - 1:00 remaining, 2nd Quarter

SAN MIG 31-35 RAIN OR SHINE - Under 3 minutes remaining, 2nd Quarter
Simon hits short jumper.

SAN MIG 29-35 RAIN OR SHINE - 3:42 remaining, 2nd Quarter
TY Tang for three.

SAN MIG 25-31 RAIN OR SHINE - 3:42 remaining, 2nd Quarter
Belga hits two free throws.

SAN MIG 25-28 RAIN OR SHINE - 4:20 remaining, 2nd Quarter
Melton drains jumper; Mallari misses two FT. San Mig Coffee down by 3.

SAN MIG 23-26 RAIN OR SHINE - 6:10 remaining, 2nd Quarter
Devance swishes triple.

SAN MIG 20-24 RAIN OR SHINE - 7:42 remaining, 2nd Quarter
Larry Rodriguez nails jumper.

SAN MIG 20-22 RAIN OR SHINE - 9:02 remaining, 2nd Quarter
Devance goes 1/2. Cruz misses both FT.

SAN MIG 15-22 RAIN OR SHINE - 2nd Quarter
Jervy Cruz scores putback to start second period.


SAN MIG 15-20 RAIN OR SHINE - End of 1st Quarter

SAN MIG 12-14 RAIN OR SHINE - 2:19 remaining, 1st Quarter
Yap scores fastbreak layup; the score stands at 14-12 in favor of RoS.

SAN MIG 4-10 RAIN OR SHINE - 6:28 remaining, 1st Quarter
Belga hits a three pointer.

SAN MIG 0-2 RAIN OR SHINE - 10:20 remaining, 1st Quarter
Belga scores the first basket, pass from Norwood.

SAN MIG 0-0 RAIN OR SHINE - 12:00 remaining, 1st Quarter
San Mig win the opening tip.

Starting Lineups

Rain or Shine Elasto Painters
G - Paul Lee
G - Jeric Teng
C - Raymond Almazan
F - Gabe Norwood
F - Beau Belga

San Mig Super Coffee Mixers
F - Marc Pingris
F - Joe Devance
C - Rafi Reavis
G - Peter June Simon
G - James Yap

PREGAME | Members of the San Mig and Rain or Shine introduced on court.

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