Amazing Video: Time-lapse shows supercell thunderstorm in Wyoming

Time-lapse supercell thunderstorm in Wyoming
Photo Credit: Facebook / Basehunters Chasing

Watch how low-precipitation supercell thunderstorm formed in eastern Wyoming, near Newcastle.

The video clips was published on Sunday, May 18, 2014. It was captured by the Basehunters, a storm chasing team originally based in Norman, Oklahoma, according to their Facebook page


Weather Channel meteorologist Jon Erdman explains through USA Today report:

It shows the rotating updraft of a supercell thunderstorm over eastern Wyoming, according to Erdman.

Supercells are the largest, strongest and longest-lasting thunderstorms. They are most common on the Great Plains.

Known as a "low-precipitation" supercell, these types of storms seldom produce heavy rain or tornadoes, though they can produce large hail, Erdman said.

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