TransAsia plane crash 2015 in Keelung River, Taiwan (Videos, Photos, Updates)

PHOTO: Screengrab from TVBS

A TransAsia Airways Flight 235 carrying 58 people crashed into the Keelung River in Taipei, Taiwan, shortly after takeoff Wednesday morning, February 4, 2015.

The tragic incident was captured by car’s dashboard camera. The video of TransAsia Airways plane crash looks like it's from a movie. Tragically, it's real.

This is the second crash involving TransAsia’s planes in the past year. In July 2014, Taiwan plane crash was due to the stormy weather in Penghu's archipelago. The 2015 TransAsia Airways plane crash was due to an engine problem.

TransAsia plane crash 2015 (Videos, Photos, Updates)

Survivors of Taiwan plane crash tell shocking stories

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