VIEW or DOWNLOAD: Partial list of DepEd and non-DepEd or private schools offering senior high school (SHS) in 2016

In gearing up for the full implementation of the K to 12 program, the Department of Education (DepEd) has released on Tuesday, May 12 the initial list of schools and universities across the country that will offer senior high school (SHS) in 2016.

The partial shows 3,839 DepEd schools that were submitted to the Department of Budget and Management for funding and to the Department of Public Works and Highways for bidding and construction.

Also included are 1,866 non-DepEd schools non-DepEd schools, higher education institutions (HEIs), technical vocational institutions (TVIs), state universities and colleges (SUCs) that have been cleared to offer SHS come June 2016.

Education Secretary Armin Luistro, in a statement, said that the government has already allocated the 2014 and 2015 budgets to fund the construction of 30,000 SHS classrooms.

He also mentioned that the initial target for the proposed 2016 budget, which is subject for approval, is over 20,000 classrooms for SHS. The government shall further allocate investments for SHS.

DepEd schools that offer SHS

Download the partial list of DepEd schools that offer SHS here.

Non-DepEd schools that offer SHS

Download the partial list of non-DepEd schools that offer SHS here.

[Image Credit: DepEd Philippines]

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