WATCH: Xurpas CEO Nix Nolledo's speech at APEC 2015 summit

Image: Nix Nolledo, Chairman and CEO of Xurpas

Watch Nix Nolledo, Chairman and CEO of Xurpas, speaks at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) SME Summit on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

Session 8: Nix Nolledo, President and CEO, Xurpas, INC
"Building a Network of Relationships"
Green Sun, Makati

Credits / Sources:

  1. Image: APEC 2015 (‏@apec2015ph)
  2. Video: RTVMalacanang

Nix Nolledo, founder and CEO of Xurpas, is considered a pioneer in the Philippine IT industry. Starting out in the consumer technology sector, he eventually went on to establish the first local standalone online message board, in 1999, a platform that allowed Filipinos to engage in a variety of online conversations with each other. -

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