Sen. Villar calls for a ban of “unli-rice”, instead urged increase vegetable consumption

Sen. Cynthia Villar seeks for a ban on the offering of unlimited rice servings or "unli-rice" in restaurants in a committee on agriculture and food and urged to encourage people to eat more vegetables instead amid the government’s efforts towards rice self-sufficiency, on Wednesday, June 14.

Thus, the senator suggests to eat brown rice instead of well-milled rice for a healthier diet and to avoid catching diseases.

Sen. Villar took the Agriculture department to task to ensure that there would be no more rice importation starting next year in connection with Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol’s statement on aiming the end of country's need to import rice by 2018.

The senator, however, said that she doesn’t see in the future that the country could be rice sufficient by 2018, unless the Agriculture department would effectively address various issues on rice production.

Lastly, she hinted that this year (2017) the projected rice production is at 12 million metric tons against the overall projected consumption of 12.1 million metric tons of rice in the country and for 2018,the country’s expected consumption of 12.3 million metric tons while the projection is at 13.22 million metric tons.


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